1930 Home Look At Cook Home


As defined by City of Chicago Ordinance of July 22, 1921 (effective April, 1923)

  Bold text indicates variance from 1930 Census Ward boundaries.
1 Chicago River, Lake Michigan, 26th St., Wentworth Ave., 31st St., Canal St., 29th St., Canal St., 25th St., Wallace St. and the south branch of the river.
2 26th St., Lake Michigan, 35th St., Calumet Ave., 37th St., Calumet Ave., 38th (Calumet Ave.) St., Pershing Rd. and Wentworth Ave.
3 Pershing Rd., Calumet Ave., 38th St., Calumet Ave., 37th St., Calumet Ave., 35th St., Lake Michigan, 43rd St., Cottage Grove Ave., 46th St., State St., 45th St., and Wentworth Ave.
4 46th St., Cottage Grove Ave., 43rd St., Lake Michigan, 51st St., Hyde Park Blvd., Cottage Grove Ave, 53rd St. and State St.
5 53rd St., Cottage Grove Ave., Hyde Park Blvd., Lake Michigan, 60th St. and State St.
6 60th St., Lake Michigan, 67th St. (Marquette Rd.), and South Park Ave.
7 67th St., (Marquette Rd.), Lake Michigan, 89th St., South Chicago Ave., 89th St., and Stony Island Ave.
8 67th St. (Marquette Rd), Stony Island Ave., 89th St., South Park Ave., 99th St., Stewart Ave., 84th St., and State St.
9 103rd St., Stewart Ave., 99th St., Cottage Grove Ave., 95th St., Stony Island Ave., Lake Calumet, E. Line Secs. 26 & 35, T. 37 N. R. 14 E, 138th St., Indiana Ave., Little Calumet River, 130th St., Little Calumet River, and Halsted St.
10 89th St., South Chicago Ave., 89th St., Lake Michigan, Illinois & Indiana State Line, 138th St., Stony Island Ave., Lake Calumet, E. Line Secs., 26 & 35, T-37 N., R. 14 E, 95th St., Cottage Grove Ave., 99th St., and South Park Ave.
11 South branch of the river, Wallace St., 25th St., Canal St., 29th St., Canal St., 31st St., Wentworth Ave., 35th St. and the south fork of the river.
12 Pershing Rd., Illinois & Michigan Canal, south fork of the river, Pershing Rd., Leavitt St., 35th St., Western Ave., 51st St., Laramie St., C. & A. Ry. and Lamon Ave.
13 35th St., Leavitt St., Pershing Rd., south fork of the river, 35th St., Wentworth Ave., 43rd St., Loomis St., 49th St. and Western Ave.
14 43rd St., Wentworth Ave., 45th St., State St., Garfield Blvd. and Loomis St.
15 C. & A., Ry., Western Ave., 49th St., Loomis St., Garfield Blvd., Wood St., 69th St., Western Ave., 65th St. Kedzie Ave., 67th St., (Marquette Rd.), Cicero Ave., 51st, 65th St., Narragansett Ave., 59th St. and Harlem Ave.
16 Garfield Blvd., Wallace St., 63rd St., Loomis St., 66th St. and Wood St.
17 Garfield Blvd., State St., 60th St., South Park Ave., 67th St., (Marquette Rd.) State St., 71st St., Halsted St., 63rd St. and Wallace St.
18 67th St., Kedzie Ave.,  65th St., Western Ave., 69th St., Wood St., 66th St., Loomis St., 63rd St., Halsted St., 78th St., Loomis St.,. 82nd St., Western Ave. , 87th St. and Cicero Ave.
19 82nd St., Loomis St., 78th St., Halsted St., 71st St., State St., 84th St., Stewart Ave., 103rd St., Halsted St., 123rd St., Ashland Ave., 119th St., Western Ave., 115th St., California Ave., 99th St. and Western Ave.
20 Taylor St., Halsted St., Polk St., south branch of the river, Fisk St., 22nd St., Fisk St., 16th St., and Racine Ave.
21 16th St., Ashland Ave., Illinois & Michigan Canal, California Ave., 24th St. and Marshall Blvd.
22 Ogden Ave., 16th St., Marshall Blvd., 24th St., California Ave., Illinois & Michigan Canal, Central Park Ave., 26th St., and S. Hamlin Ave.
23 Roosevelt Rd., Crawford Ave.,  (Pulaski Rd.), 14th St., Hamlin Ave., 26th St., Central Park Ave., Illinois & Michigan Canal, Pershing Rd. and Kenton Ave.
24 Roosevelt Rd., Independence Blvd., C. & G. W. Ry., Central Park Ave., Roosevelt Rd., C. & G. W. Ry., Sacramento Ave., C. & G. W. Ry., California Ave., 16th St., Ogden Ave., Hamlin Ave., 14th St., Crawford Ave., (Pulaski Rd.)
25 Van Buren St., Oakley Blvd., Harrison St., Hoyne Ave., Van Buren St., Aberdeen St., Harrison St., May St., Polk St., Wood St., 16th St., and California Ave.
26 Polk St., May St., Taylor St., Racine Ave., 16th St., Fisk St., 22nd St., Fisk St., south branch of the river, Ashland Ave., 16th St. and Wood St.
27 Washington Blvd., Ashland Ave., Kinzie St., north and south branch of the river., Polk St., Halsted St., Taylor St., May St., Harrison St., Aberdeen St., Van Buren St., Hoyne Ave., Harrison St., Oakley Blvd., Jackson Blvd. and Leavitt St.
28 Chicago Ave., California Ave., Kinzie St., Rockwell St. Fulton St., Ashland Ave., Washington St., Leavitt St., Jackson Blvd., Oakley Blvd., Van Buren St., California Ave., Washington Blvd., and Crawford Ave. (Pulaski Rd.)
29 Washington Blvd., California Ave., C. & G. W. Ry., Sacramento Blvd., Roosevelt Rd., Central Park Ave., C. & G. W. Ry., Independence Blvd., Roosevelt Rd., Kenton Ave., Harrison St. and Pulaski Rd.
30 Madison St., Laramie St., Kinzie St., Kenton Ave., North Ave. , Crawford Ave., (Pulaski Rd.), Harrison St., Kenton Ave., Roosevelt Rd., and Austin Blvd.
31 Division St., north branch of the river., Kinzie St., and Ashland Ave.
32 Chicago Ave., Leavitt St., Haddon Ave., Hoyne Ave., Division St., Ashland Ave., Fulton St., Rockwell St., Kinzie St. and California Ave.
33 Fullerton Ave., north branch of he river, Division St., Hoyne Ave. North Ave., Milwaukee Ave., Hoyne Ave. Armitage Ave., and Robey St. (Damen Ave.)
34 Armitage Ave., Hoyne Ave., Milwaukee Ave., North Ave., Hoyne Ave., Haddon St., Leavitt St., Chicago Ave., Sacramento Blvd., Augusta Blvd., California Ave., Evergreen Ave. and Rockwell St.
35 Fullerton Ave., Sacramento Blvd., Humboldt Blvd., Armitage Ave., Rockwell St., Evergreen  Ave., California Ave., Augusta St., Sacramento Blvd., Chicago Ave., St. Louis Ave., North Ave. and Ballou St.
36 Belden Ave., Crawford Ave. (Pulaski Rd.), Fullerton Ave., Ballou St., North Ave., St. Louis St., Chicago Ave., Crawford Ave. (Pulaski Rd.), North Ave. and Kenton Ave.
37 Chicago Milwaukee and St. Paul Ry., Central Ave., Fullerton Ave., Kenton Ave., Kinzie St., Laramie St., Madison St., Austin Blvd., North Ave. and Harlem Ave.
38 Belmont Ave., north branch of the river, Fullerton Av., Robey St., (Damen Ave.), Armitage Ave., Humboldt Blvd., Sacramento Blvd., Fullerton Ave. and Kedzie Ave.
39 Addison St., Kedzie Ave., Fullerton Ave., Crawford Ave. Belden Ave., Kenton Ave., Fullerton Ave., Central Ave., C. N. & St. P. Ry, and Harlem Ave., (xxx).
40 Devon Ave., North Shore Channel, north branch of the river, Belmont Ave., Kedzie Ave., Addison St., Tripp Ave., Montrose Ave., and Crawford Ave. (Pulaski Rd.)
41 Howard St., Harlem Ave., Albion Ave., Neva Ave., Albion Ave., Sayre Ave., Albion Ave., Natoma Ave., Indian Boundary, Nagle Ave., Devon Ave., Crawford Ave., (Pulaksi Rd.), Montrose Ave., Tripp Ave., Addison St., Harlem  Ave., Irving Park Blvd., Austin Ave., Lawrence Ave., Indian Boundary, Austin Ave., Bryn Mawr Ave., Harlem Ave., Bryn Mawr Ave., Oketo Ave., Everell Ave., Oriole Ave., Devon Ave., Ozanam Ave., Park Ridge Blvd., and Oriole Ave.
42 Division St., Lake Michigan, Chicago River and the north branch of the river.
43 Cortland St., Racine Ave., Center St. (Armitage Ave.) Lake Michigan, Division St. and the north branch of the river.
44 Diversey Pkwy., Halsted St., Wellington St., Lake Michigan, Center St. (Armitage Ave.), Seminary Ave., Fullerton Ave. and Racine Ave.
45 Roscoe St., Racine Ave., Fullerton Ave., Seminary Ave., Center St. (Armitage Ave.), Racine Ave., Cortland St., north branch of the river, Belmont Ave., and Western Ave.
46 Grace St., (xxx) Lake Michigan, Wellington St., Halsted St., Diversey Pkwy., Racine Ave., Roscoe St. and Southport Ave.
47 Wilson Ave., (xxx) Southport Ave., Clark St., Roscoe St., Western Ave., Belmont Ave., and the north branch of the river.
48 Foster Ave., Lake Michigan, Grace St., (xxx) Southport Ave., and Clark St.
49 Howard St., C. M. & St. P. Ry., Calvary Cemetery, Lake Michigan, Foster Ave., Clark St, Schreiber Ave., Ashland Ave., Pratt Blvd., and the Ridge Rd.
50 Howard St., Ridge Rd., Pratt Blvd., Ashland Ave., Schreiber Ave., Clark St., Wilson Ave., north branch of the river, North Shore Channel (xxx)  and Kedzie Ave.