1900 Benevolent Institutions
1900 Home Look At Cook Home



Angel Guardian German B. C. Orphan Asylum 1416 Indiana Ave.
Associated Jewish Charities of Chicago 1140,108 LaSalle St.
Austro-Hungarian Benevolent Association 1626,164 Dearborn St.
Baptist Deaconess' Girl's Home 565 W. Superior St.
Bethesda Home for the Aged 30 Belden Ct.
Beulah Home 2144 N. Clark St.
Bureau of Charities 51 LaSalle St.
Bureau of Personal Service 720 W. 12th St.
Chicago Daily News Fresh Air Sanitarium Fullerton at Lincoln Park
Chicago Deaconess' Home 222 Erie St.
Chicago Home for Boys 426-434 W. Adams St.
Chicago Home for Convalescent Women 1516 W. Adams St.
Chicago Home for Incurables 56th & Ellis Ave.
Chicago Home for Jewish Orphans 62nd St. & Drexel Ave.
Chicago Home for the Friendless 51st & Vincennes Ave.
Chicago Industrial Home For Girls 4900 Prairie Ave.
Chicago Nursery and Half Orphan Asylum 175 Burling St.
Chicago Orphan Asylum 5120 S. Park Ave.
Chicago Relief and Aid Society 820 Ewing St.
Chicago Relief and Aid Society 51 LaSalle St.
Chicago Refuge for Girls 5024 Indiana Ave.
Children's Home and Aid Society 826 Ridge Ave., Austin
Church Home for Aged Persons 4325 Ellis Ave.
Cook County Insane Asylum (also known as DUNNING) 64th Ave. & Irving Park Blvd., Dunning, IL
Cook County Poor House at Dunning 64th Ave. & Irving Park Blvd., Dunning, IL
Danish Old People's Home 306 Walnut St.
Danish Orphan Home 3320 Evergreen Ave.
Danish Young People's Home 3544 Wabash Ave.
Florence Crittenton Anchorage 2615 Indiana Ave.
Foundlings Home 15 and 23 S. Wood St..
Fridhem Old People's Home 11400 Crescent Ave. (Morgan Park)
German Catholic Orphan Asylum 401 Devon Ave.
German Old People's Home Oak Park, IL
German Society of Chicago 61 LaSalle St.
Hephzibah Children's Home Oak Park, IL
Home for the Aged, Little Sisters of the Poor Sheffield and Fullerton, Harrison & Troop,
5148 Prairie
Home for Aged Jews 62nd & Drexel Ave.
Home for Aged and Infirm Colored People 610 W. Garfield Blvd.
Home for Destitute Crippled Children 1653 Park Ave.
Home for Jewish Friendless & Working Girls Ellis Ave.. & 53rd St.
Home for Missionaries' Children 11002 Crescent Ave. (Morgan Park)
Home of the Good Shepherd 1240 Grace St.
Hull House 800 S. Halsted St.
Humane Society 560 Wabash Ave.
Illinois Children's Home and Aid Society 826 Ridge Ave., Evanston
Illinois Industrial Home for the Blind 19th and Marshall Blvd.
Illinois Industrial Home for Girls South Evanston
Illinois Industrial School for Girls 134 Clark St.
Illinois Manual Training School Farm Glenwood
Illinois Masonic Orphans' Home 23,25 Bishop Ct.
Jackson Park Sanitarium La Rabida) 64th St. and Lake Michigan
Japanese Mission Home 3338 Vernon Ave.
Jewish Agriculturists Aid Society 507 S. Marshfield Ave.
Jewish Aid Society of Chicago 1245 Waller St.
Jewish Sheltering House 525 Maxwell St.
Legal Aid Association 158 Adams St.
Marcy Home 1335 Newberry Ave.
Margaret Etter Creche 2421 Wabash Ave.
Marks Nathan Jewish Orphan Home 1243, 1249 N. Wood St.
Martha Washington Home Irving Park Blvd. & Western Ave.
Methodist Episcopal Old People's Home 1415 Foster Ave.
Mission of Our Lady of Mercy 1140 W. Jackson Blvd.
Newsboys and Bootblacks Home 1418 S. Wabash Ave.
Norwegian Lutheran Children's Home 58th Ave. & Irving Park Blvd.
Norwegian Lutheran Deaconess' Home & Hospital 1138 N. Leavitt
Norwegian Old People's Home Avondale and Ceylon Avenues
Old People's Home 3850 Indiana Ave.
Orthodox Jewish Home for the Aged 831 Albany Ave.
Pacific Garden Mission Home for Girls 94 Federal St.
Parental School W. Berwyn & Central Park Avenues
Phyllis Wheatley Home 3530 Forest Ave.
Salvation Army Headquarters 399 State St.
Salvation Army Rescue & Maternity Home 1332 LaSalle Ave.
St. Anthony's Orphanage and Hospital 28 Frankfort St.
St. Charles Home and School for Boys, St. Charles Office at 79 Dearborn St.
St. Joseph's Home & St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum 5649 N. Hamlin
St. Joseph's Home for Aged and Crippled Hamlin and Schubert Avenues
St. Joseph's Home for the Friendless 1100 S. May St.
St. Joseph's Home for Working Girls and Industrial School 1100 S. May St.
St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum 35th St. and Lake Ave.
St. Joseph Provident Orphan Asylum N. 40th Ave., between Diversey and Belmont
St. Mary's Home for Children 2822 Jackson Blvd.
St. Mary's Mission House 850 Washington Blvd.
St. Mary's Training School for Boys, Desplaines, IL Office at 79 Dearborn St.
St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum Hamlin Ave. and Schubert St.
Susanna Home 214 33rd St.
Swedish Covenant Hospital and Home of Mercy W. Foster and Lincoln Ave.
Uhlich Evangelical Lutheran Orphan Asylum 2014 Burling St.
Visitation and Aid Society 79 Dearborn St.
Volunteers of America 1317 Washington Blvd.
Washingtonian Home 1533 W. Madison St.
Western German Baptist Old People's Home 1006 N. Spaulding Ave.
William Raymond Champlin Memorial Home for Boys 515 W. Adams St.
Working Boys Home 1130 W. Jackson Blvd.
Young Women's Christian Association Home 288 Michigan Ave.
Source:  1909 Rand McNally Street Guide & Railway Directory